Recommendations for alternative hosting providers?

I have two sites, completely identically setup, they have identical wordpress themes, and they both have jetpack and total cache active. One consistently responds in less than 2 seconds, the other consistently over 40 seconds, often timing out, server unavailable, etc, which is next to useless.

I keep being dissatisfied with support to fix the issue. Identical setups, 3sec v’s 40sec, and the issue is all mine? Go figure. Apparently my waiting a minute per page for the admin interface to make it to the next page also causes the server to have memory overrun problems–though it is still my issue, apparently. Wow! A single user, occasional use, causes memory overruns, and it’s still apparently something I’m doing.

As an example, with no admin interface activity, a browser refresh is still taking over 40 secs, when in another browser window, at the same time, I can refresh the other site 20 times while waiting for the other one… That’s in addition to it taking over 40 seconds all by itself…

So I am looking to alternative and more reliable hosting providers that host wordpress. Can anyone make any recommendations for a better service. As far as I am concerned, it’d be harder to have a less reliable one.

All suggestions greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Phil

Try one more thing with support, just put in a request to move the bad site to a different apache instance. Additional assumptions I’m making is that both sites are on the same shared hosting server, if that’s not true then my advice might not apply.

Thanks LakeRat. I’ll suggest that to them.

The irony of a user now providing support to the support team is not entirely lost on me…

let us know what happens, I’m definitely interested to know what happens.

I think when dealing with any support model within any business that “luck of the draw” can often play an important role. If your ticket is picked up by someone who both takes the time to actually read and comprehend the issue details and also understands that various server-related situations can cause the issues outlined then we’re going to get great results very quickly. If they’re unaware of the variety of causes (or just skim read the ticket) then we suffer a copy/pasta reply.

I also think support doesn’t suggest this action because it does require an IP change, as with any DNS change the site goes offline once the apache instance is changed on the server until DNS propagation catches up, which might be 12 hours or more, customers would complain about being offline. Additionally some people think (incorrectly) that changing IP’s will harm the sites SEO ranking with search engines such as google, and would argue against such a change if proposed by support, and/or after the fact they want to place blame for something else that harmed the site search ranking.

Restarting an Apache instance for verification doesn’t involve DNS and troubleshooting this type of thing takes literally seconds. Given the quality of information OP provided (i.e. clones performing radically differently on the same server) I’d say that in this case OP has been given the runaround.

It looks like we moved you to a new apache instance about 8 hours ago, so everything should be caught up now.

Also as mentioned in the support tickets, you were getting hammered by GoogleBot which really didn’t help anything at all :confused: