Recommendation: Sharing files with clients via web

Alright, I know a solution is out there. I just can’t seem to find it. Here is my situation: I need to share files with clients. Not illegal files or anything like that, simply work I do for clients - I want a simple web interface they can log into and have essentially a directory with all their files. It seems so simple. A little CMS where I can login to the back end and easily upload files to share, or simply FTP to a folder on my server and the CMS adds the files to their ‘page’. I have Wordpress running but cannot find any widgets or extensions to do this. I’d like to utilize my Wordpress or a simple “add-on” in my dreamhost panel. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Something as simple as htaccess so you can view the contents of a folder on my server from the browser like you could with IE back in the day, and have that directory password protected - that would be simple enough for me but I can’t seem to do that anymore. A CMS / backend would be even nicer but I am all about simplicity / ease over jazzy scripting and themes.

You can still password protect a directory: