Recommendation: RFC 2142 mailbox names


Just configured the mail features after signing up today. DH only recommends one additional alias, “postmaster”. Googling showed that some people are quite critical if other aliases are missing, see
I also added abuse, webmaster, www, ftp - for more ideas see RFC 2142,

Hope this helps.

My postmaster and abuse addresses are blackholed, so they’ll accept and dump. It seems silly to have www@ and ftp@. Webmaster seems antiquated. I don’t feel like adding 3 more addresses to however many domains I have.


Even that dreamhost only suggest postmaster I created on the bulk-edit on every domain abuse, webmaster, hostmaster and other three but not www or ftp…

Anyway is almost sure if a domain is returning your mail for being rfc ignorant, that you get an error telling you ;D

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