Recommendation for managed hosting within the European Union?

Hi all,

I’m a longterm happy user of DH so this is bit of a strange and awkward situation. Put simply, due to Swedish law regarding where personal data (social security numbers etc) is stored I have to move one of my sites so it’s hosted within the European Union.

I’m having problems finding a hosting company in the EU that would give me trustworthy, managed hosting and also SSH access, all with great uptime and performance and a decent price. There are many who say they offer this, but I can’t for the life of me figure out if any of them are any good. (I really want both managed and SSH, so those are not optional.)

So, the awkward question is this: Can you recommend a quality hosting company within the EU that you believe would suit my needs?

(It might be worth mentioning that I have no intention of moving my other sites, or ending my account at DreamHost. And also that the DreamHost Support Team suggested I ask this question here at the forum.)

All suggestions are appreciated, thanks.

I suggest, narrow it down to companies that provide a free trial period (or a money-back-if-unsatisfied period), set up accounts with several, and take it from there.

(That might seem like hard work but it’s interesting to find out how different companies do the same thing in surprisingly different ways. And well worth it, if it improves your ability to make your websites easy to move in an emergency.)

Also, skimming through their discussion forums can give a good feel for the vibes.

If you’d like to mention specific companies that you have looked at, then maybe you could get some specific feedback here.

I am no expert but US companies can be compliant with EU data protection rules, if they adopt the European Data Transfer Agreement. Though, I doubt DreamHost is one such company.

I would be surprised if the law has been enshrined in Swedish law as they have until May 2018 to do so. If Sweden has jumped the gun and already implemented the new law, then you will probably need a Sweden-based web host until all EU based providers are up to speed.