Recommend me some product showcasing platform?

I want to build a site to showcase my products (software). Something rather easy to style and mantain. I think a full-fledged CMS is too much for the task (please tell me if it’s not) so I’d like to ask you for recommendations.

Thanks a lot.

If you really don’t want a CMS then use any of the HTML editors that are available, such as Adobe’s Dreamweaver. It is a commercial product and it will just maintain your static HTML pages. There are several other “open-source” editors that will easily edit HTML code, but not in a graphical environment such as Dreamweaver. It is NOT a CMS solution.

However, I would suggest that you reconsider using CMS and using WordPress and one of the many themes that showcase items for sale or demonstration. You can browse the over 3,000 themes on WordPress’ web site at

Just pick one that looks good to you. It should be of a nature, and preferably color but that is changeable too, to what you want to use for demonstration. Is it one column, two columns, three columns? Is it portable to mobile sites? All of that is a consideration in choosing a theme.