Recipe manager

I’m looking for a web based recipe manager. The one I had been using broke when I upgraded to PHP 5.3 here on DH, and the maker of the program seems to have abandoned the project

I’d be willing to pay for a program. I don’t want to subscribe to some 3rd party site as sites come and go. I want a longer term solution to storing and using recipes for my wife. Preferably one that has a touch/mobile interface as she uses a Nexus 10 in the kitchen.

I’ve been looking around and can’t find much in the way of properly maintained projects.



Pretty much any content management system could accomplish what I saw on sourceforge. Its just a matter of finding a decent module. Drupal has a few different modules that would be suitable. DreamHost offers a one-click install of WordPress though so that will probably be easier for you. There are plug-ins available for the same sort of thing.

Something like wordpress wouldn’t fit everything I’m looking for. While I can use WP to add recipes, it won’t sort out things like ingredients for making a shopping list. Say I choose to fix these three meals this week and then I ask it to build a shopping list. WP, to my knowledge, won’t do that like the previous site I was using did.

I’m going to just try creating a new subdomain and have it be hosted with PHP 5.2


Which parts broke? Did it spit out any errors that might be helpful?