Recent downtime


1 day ago, there was downtime for the server my site is hosted on. When it went back up I got an error so I refreshed and it now works. The only thing is I get an error on my phpbb forum that I have never had before. I haven’t done any modifications to my forum. I get this error:

message_die() was called multiple times. This isn’t supposed to happen. Was message_die() used in page_tail.php?

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?


What browser do you use? I don’t know that this applies to you, since you said your forum hasn’t been modified, but there have been some problems reported with Firefox. Evidently the problem is related to the script.js file in the FF themes of version 1.5. Do you experience the same problem with IE as well? I’ve been struggling with this, because any server problems will continue until a patch is released. Here are some links that might help.

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Team Shocker