Recent DNS changes

I am having some serious issues with my sites.

They are very slow, sometimes not connecting at all. More often than not, when they do load, I get a 500 server error. If I happen to actually get to the page, it moves at a snail pace to load everything. This is happening on all of my domains.

I did an account test to see what is up…

2009-02-24 08:44:30
Result: Recent DNS changes may not have fully propagated yet.

Now, I haven’t changed or moved my domains in a long time. Years. There’s no reason for DNS changes to be made. And Dreamhost hasn’t notified me of any changes/moves that would impact my DNS. Is anyone else having this issue or getting this warning?

The message could be an indication of a server or DB server migration or table error.

You can hurry along the propagation time in Panel.

  • Panel > Domains > Manage Domains

  • Click Edit next to the troubled domain

  • Click Fully Host (or redirected, etc.)

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