Receiving the same email numerous times


I, as well as other colleagues, have been having this problem with emails. It seems that it only happens at random times and with random emails.

Somebody will send us an email and it will only be sent to one email address for each person - I have checked all the headers etc. Yet I will receive the same email 6 or 7 times. now sometimes its a big email (7MB attachment) which I have been told in the past has something to do with the email server looking for new emails before it has had a chance to download it fully - so it thinks that it is still a new email thus proceeds to download again.

However sometimes the email is 33kbs and I’m still getting it up to 15 times.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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Is the Message ID the same in the header?

Which mail client(s) are you and your colleagues using? POP, or IMAP?



We’re using Microsoft Outlook and POP3.

and yes as far as I can tell the message ID seems to be the same.

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I don’t use Outlook, but is there an option to remove the mail from the server once you’ve downloaded it? Account settings usually have something along these lines in case you like to leave POP mail on the server for a period of time, or not at all.



on one person’s computer it is set to remove as soon as it is downloaded yet they still have issues.

I guess I’ll maybe switch to IMAP??

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Definitely odd. When I have POP issues, I manually telnet into the POP server and look around:
telnet 110
PASS mypass
LIST (this will list message IDs)
RETR XX (display message #XX)
DELE XX (delete message #XX)

Your POP client is supposed to DELE messages, according to the “Remove” setting. Telnetting into the server will show if this is happening. If it really is happening, and the message is reappearing on the server, then you’ll have to let Support know.

I like IMAP, but if there’s a server issue, I don’t know if that’ll fix it.