Receiving the same email numerous times


One of our email accounts is receiving some emails a numebr of times. Now in the past when this has happened, they used to be large files and I was told it was to do with the email server looking for new emails before its had a chance to fully download the previous large emails, but this time its also included some very small emails (10kbs in one case).

I’ve checked the Outlook settings and can’t see anything there. Its actually set to POP3 and to remove email off server once its downloaded to Outlook.

Is there something in Squirrelmail I need to change?

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Have you checked the full headers of the emails to see that they are really the same (no differences in addressing in the headers)?

Are there any forwards involved?

I don’t know of any squirrelmail setting that might be relevant, and POP3 should eliminate any IMAP strangeness.



checked all the headers and there are no differences. Its all somewhat strange.

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