Receiving Email Error "+ok 494 octets"

I have several dreamhost email accounts all in the same outlook account on my laptop. All except for one are sending and receiving normally. One account can send, but gets a receciving error that says “+ok 494 octets”. What the heck does this mean? This is my primary business account so I need it up ASAP - expecting very important emails. Please Help!

In case someone is searching for an answer in the future: Log into your webmail and view your inbox. Delete any Spam or odd looking files. I have razor enabled, but it still got through. I found one of those 1p2o3ioejd39304i40@0893i3ijkedjk39dik39 . . . email addresses in my inbox. Deleted that and went back to my Outlook, and everything started working again.

“+ok 494 octets” is probably the mail server reporting the size of the message as being 494 bytes (1 byte = 8 bits, 8 = octet)

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