Receiving duplicate emails in outlook

ok, I’ve read the other posts and checked my settings… I am still receiving duplicate emails when sent to a certain email address(es).

Outlook 2003 sp2
win xp pro
outlook settings look normal.
DH settings are not set to forward or copy.

Each email address is set up in DH and is set to be sent to only that address.

I have disabled all the rules in Outlook.

My old, main email address is fine. It’s two new ones I’ve added (with a different domain name, I might add). I would like to keep them separate, so when I’m replying or sending, the mail goes out of that account.

thanks in advance!

Actually, I think it’s also happening in Thunderbird, as well.

log into your Webmail and see if you’re getting duplicates there - that way you can check and see if the issues is on your end or not. If webmail has the duplicates then I’d contact DH support and have them help you sort it out.

–Matttail - personal website