Received a fake email

I recently received a fake email from someone using a dreamhost account to send it, but when I go to the host ( it simply times out. The email sent was extremely hurtful, and obviously from someone I know trying to sabotage a friendship, I’m trying to figure things out at the moment, and want to know how hard it is to fake an email, since they used the exact email, and responding to the email went to the other person’s account.

Reason I know it’s fake, it came up in my email as simply the address, it did not use the person’s name like it usually does, I tested this by having said person email me another email, the name does come up.

It is very simple to fake an E-mail address - it happens all the time with spam messages. Basically I wouldn’t worry about it. It seems to me that your problem here has little technical basis.

–Matttail - personal website

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How hard is it to fake an email address? You simply type anything you want in the From: field.

While it may be fake, not having the person’s name doesn’t mean it is–especially since the sender could have added that, too. It could do the same thing if they real owner emailed you from a different client that wasn’t setup the same way as the one he usually uses.

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Machine names ( won’t resolve in a browser, but you can do DNS lookups on on them. Examine the full header of the message if you want to find its actual origin.
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