Receive incoming e-mail on 2 devices from one e-mail account?

I am getting an Android smartphone shortly and I want to get my e-mails on the cellphone plus I want to make sure my home/office still gets them there. i.e. both locations get them in their in-box. (duplicate)
I have found no mention, on DHwiki, on how it is accomplished (unless I didn’t understand what it is titled as) Plus DH user control panel makes no mention of this. DH is my server host my e-mail and setup as POP3 on my computer.
I see GoogleApp, but not interested in google handling my stuff.
Is changing over to IMAP the only solution? and then everything is stored on the server (which I am not loving that idea).

You’ll need to either switch to IMAP, or make sure that both your cell phone and desktop email programs are set to leave messages on the server for a reasonable amount of time (perhaps a week or so). Otherwise, each time one of your mail clients checks the mail, it’ll end up removing everything from the server, and the other clients won’t ever be able to see it.