Receive email, but can't send

Okay I am about to set something on fire. I have been struggling with this all day. I can receive email but cannot send. I have changed passwords, quadruple checked my POP settings etc. I finally got it to work at my office, then I bring my laptop home and connect wirelessly (no settings changed) and now it doesn’t work again.

Someone please help.

BTW, to make things even more confusing I can send/receive to my own email address only. When I tested the email this works.

Check with your home ISP to see if they’re blocking outbound SMTP (port 25). If they are, you’ll have to use your ISP’s SMTP server for outbound mail. Many ISPs are now blocking port 25 to prevent zombified (virus-infected) machines from unauthorized sending of spam.

It’s not a big deal; you leave all the incoming and other settings as they are, but you’ll need to change the outgoing server as well as the outgoing username and password.

If you are being blocked on port 25 as netdcon suggests you could try using port 587 instead of port 25.
See this wiki item.


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