Rebuilding Berkeley DB for Movable Type

I am trying to rebuild the db for movable type because it is corrupt and doesn’t have the current version. Does anyone know how to do this automatically rather than doing each file one by one?

just use the command to upgrade like this:
db3_upgrade *.idx *db
That would run the command on any .idx and .db files in your current directory. I know that command is not right, but I don’t remember off hand the berkeley upgrade scripts.

Once you’ve got your database upgraded, do your self a huge favor, and use the tools MT provided to convert your database into mysql. It’s not a hard process really, and it will save you headaches. You don’t have to upgrade mysql databases with every upgrade, and it’s more secure. Ditch berkeley, it’s just plain smelly.


Nice, Thanks for your help Matt. I did try updating by using the following command: $ db_upgrade *.db *.idx

But got no love. I’ll have to look into updating from the stinky Berkeley db to the sweeter mysql