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moved my wordpress theme/template site from local to dreamboat and it is really really slow for some reason. how can I fix this? my sql db is only 22mb and the site itself does not have any huge images


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we have a guide on how to optimize your WordPress site for shared hosting

You can also reach our support team here to look into what plugins are draining resources and they will be able to dig into the issue further,

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figured out the issue! the domain and database was not in the same data center and after telling support that they moved it to the same location and it works great now!


Glad to hear that got sorted out! Be sure to hit us up if you run into any other snags with your sites,

Matt C


when site is slowly im really crazy


You can install plugin called autooptimize and play with it. Autooptimize can combine all css file into just 1 file. Same for js files. Use above mentioned tools to test again. If that doesn’t help, check out the w3c cache plugin and read tutorials how to use it. It can solve some of your problems.


This is very useful information for me. Thank you very much for the link!


There can be many different causes of slow loading times for a web page. Please reference the following steps and linked articles to determine more precisely why your website is being slow. The possible causes are arranged in the best order for easy self-diagnosis and resolution. However, you can start anywhere in the list.
check it on vidmate video.

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