Really pathetic customer service? anyone else?

Hi, every since i have ‘Upgraded’ to private servers (both web and mysql) i have had nothing but problems. POSTDROP prermissions seem to randomly screw up causing a huge backlog of processes running, which in turn causes high memory usage, which in turn crashes the PS. After waiting 24-36 hours MINIMUM for a response for a tech they tell me to up my memory!

I have been down for over 4 complete days in the last month and no one seems to care.

I put in a tech support ticket asking about cancelling the PS and moving back to shared since it was actually more stable and low and behold, ticket gets closed without a response to me!

Things used to be great at dreamhost but now im thinking im going to have to leave.

any one else having these issues?

I hear that if you drop a note to sales that you’ll leave unless you get switched back to shared server you’ll get a better response.


Well, to be honest I my self get more than 24 hour response from Customer service after i switched over to PS, before i usually got it within 8 to 12 hours but now minimum is 24. Maybe there’s an over load of tickets or something. Not sure :wink:

I haven’t needed to put a ticket in for a long time so am unaware of the current wait-times, but it might be a case of alot of new signups during the mad giveaways they had recently bringing in more customers who have no idea how to admin a domain flooding the queue.

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