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I just joined dreamhost today at the recommendation of a good – knowledgeable – friend but find myself in over my head already. I’ve tried reading some of the FAQ’s but they aren’t helpful in part because I’m not sure what terms to use to look for answers.

I want to install moodle in a sub-domain of Do I create the sub-domain first, or do I do that as part of the Moodle install? The add domain interface ways it’s for sub-domains, but I can’t see where to do anything but install a domain. I want to create

My previous host used an install script for Moddle, here I’m being asked questions I don’t know the answers to and the KB answers seem to presume a level of sophistication that exceeds my own. I’m especially lost when it comes to the database question. I know the install script at my old host built a mysql database automatically. I can’t figure out what this is asking me to do.

any pointers?


mark miller


[quote]I want to install moodle in a sub-domain of

I want to create[/quote]
After you have created [color=#0000CC][/color] and have a user for the domain, add another domain called [color=#00CC00][/color] selecting the same user, then install Moodle via One-Click Install…

Panel > Goodies > One-Click Installs

Select Moodle

Install to: [color=#00CC00][/color]

New Database Name: anything (eg. [color=#00CC00]moodle[/color])

Create a new hostname now…

Create a New Hostname: anything (eg. [color=#00CC00][/color])

First User: Choose existing or create a new user for sql access

Press [color=#00CC00]Install for me now![/color]

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it’s pretty simple…

create the subdomain FIRST under domains >> manage domains >> add new domain/subdomain (domain to host would be make sure the php version works with moodle (i don’t know if both or which one) go through the rest of the process and create your subdomain.

to add moodle…

go to the One Click Installs under Goodies

go to Install new website software - Advanced mode

select Moodle

Scroll down

select your new subdomain (if it’s not there, try back in a few minutes)

then select an already created database to use, or scroll even further to create a new database

if new database, create your database name

Use Existing Hostname or at the bottom of that dropdown is create new hostname (this is the hostname for the DATABASE):

There is a delay while DNS propagates for new hostnames.

First User: select one already made, or select create a new one at the bottom of that dropdown

if new username, create New Username, New Password:

then select install if for me, if there are errors, they’ll let you know