Really new at this

im using coffeecup html editor and uploaded a page to the host,
where can i find it and how do i move it to my webpage?

If you set up a Fully Hosted domain, when you FTP in, you end up in your home directory, and in there should be an directory for your domain. You should put your files in there. One of your files should be called index.html (or index.htm). Be sure to get rid of the quickstart.html file that’s already there, as that’s a temporary place holder file.

sorry new,
where would that be located from

*edit - i think i found it under and clicked the webftp option then it takes me to and says Unable to connect to FTP server (my site) on port 21.
Are you sure this is the address of the FTP server? This is often different from that of the HTTP (web) server. Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

where do i find out my address of the FTP server?

Double-check to see if your user is set to have FTP access in the panel: Manage Users. If they do, then there will be a WebFTP link for that user. If that link isn’t there, click Edit for that user and make sure it has the Disallow FTP box unchecked, or that it’s purely an FTP user. Either of these will enable WebFTP to work.

How is it that you uploaded the file to the host in the first place? Does coffeecup has a built-in file transfer mechanism?

is this it?

Users, Files, and Paths
Run this domain under the user: ruunya
This affects which FTP account will have access to the domain, as well as what user PHP and CGI scripts will run as.

*edit - yes ruunya is the only user and his type is set to ftp, and i found the login, but what dose it mean by Initial directory and the box ssl?

coffeecup has a built in uploader

You can leave the initial directory blank and don’t check the SSL box.

k, i’ve login, now how do i upload the files to my website?

*edit - i think i found it but how can i make the file my home page?

Your main page needs a filename of index.html or index.htm
And be sure it’s in the folder (your domain name).

it keeps try to make it a subfile

According to their tutorial video, DirectFTP looks like most FTP programs where it shows you your local folders and files and the destination directories and files.

Were you able to navigate into your folder? Once in there, drag your site’s files and folders into there. Don’t drag an entire folder, like “example,” that contains your site. In the left window (your local files), navigate into your example folder where you stored all of your site’s files.

where can i find the tutorial video?

On the coffeecup site: