Really basic question

Hi, this is my first web site ever (except for free ones) I got a ftp prog. and upped the files to ftp://www.(mysite).com I included a file called “index.html” But when I go to http://www.(mysite).com, it pulls the whole parent directory thing on me. There are no files there. If I go to ftp://www.(mysite).com and fill in the username and password, I can access my files. Why won’t it show my index.html file when I visit my website??? Is this just part of the “downtime”?

I appreciate your quick response, but I don’t really understand. What does “cd” mean? Could you please go really basic please? In my ftp prog. I connect to the ftp site and it has two folders, one is logs and the other is Maildir. Then index.html is listed. Do I need to make a new folder? PLease describe it really simply. Thank you!!!

ok i got what you’re saying… the domain is

In the ftp it’s set up like this:

logs (folder)
Maildir (folder) (folder)

Is this right? It is still not working :frowning:


put index.html (and all files/folders that you want viewable from the web) inside the folder