Reality Check - Wordpress Performance

I was doing my semi-annual update post to a super-low traffic organizational WP site and it was painfully slow.*

I started poking at some of the things mentioned in the wiki article on WP optimization and could not get the response times below 6 seconds (with times up to 10 seconds).

To get a baseline I added a one-click install to a different domain on the same user (server ‘scheat’) and am getting responses like so for the default install:

“22 queries in 6.219 seconds” Does that seem normal? The responses are roughly the same whether I use 5.4 CGI or fastCGI.

  • “It used to be faster.” I know, everyone says that :slight_smile:

That does seem rather slow. What service are your databases on? (You can check this in the MySQL section of the panel. It’ll be near the top of the page, and should look something like “foo:bar”.)


Okay, so two things.

First, I’ve identified and resolved an issue with your web server that was making it run rather slowly. So that should help a bit.

Second, it looks as though you’re in a bit of an odd situation – your web server is in our Irvine, California data center, while your MySQL server is in our Virginia data center. The distance between them is slowing things down; contact our Support department and request that one of the two be moved. Which one is up to you; moving MySQL is a bit faster, but if you’re on the East Coast, you may prefer your sites be closer to you anyway.

Thank you for sussing that out! Since I’m in Oregon I’ll submit a ticket and ask for the MySQL to head west :slight_smile: Thanks again.

I am having a similar situation. It the past 2 days or so, my website has become very sluggish. The Google Page Speed insights reports a server response time of 3.7s. I have disabled 80% of my plugins, to no avail.

I would appreciate it if you could look into my website to see what has changed. I was told that I was near the memory limit, but after disabling so many features, I doubt that this is still the case. I have read countless reports that moving to a VPS does not necessarily solve the issue, and for being a non profit, I would prefer to save the money.