Ready to Flip the Switch, but

I’m terrified!

I’ve set up my WordPress blog at

I’ve checked and double-checked URLs to make sure I’ve used relative and not absolute links.

I’m ready to contact my old host and have my “” name servers switched over to Dreamhost.

But, I’m terrified because I don’t understand how the URL of the WordPress blog I created at will suddenly turn into

Am I missing a step? Is there something else I have to do to make that happen?

Also, is there anything I should do to set up my Webmail BEFORE flipping the DNS switch to make sure I don’t miss messages?

I’m sorry… I’ve read the wiki instructions over and over, but I am such a beginner at this…


Well did you go into your DH control panel and go to manage domains ==> add new domain and make fully hosted and then you created but made it a mirror of If that’s not what you did, what you are planning won’t work until you do.

In case you haven’t, you can still go to manage domains and make your domain fully hosted. Then edit the sub-domain you had created to make it a mirror of your domain. then you just need to log in via ftp or ssh and rename the folder to something else (like and then rename the sub domain to and you will be all set. You will need to go into wherever the configuration settings are for your site and update the information for your domain name but that’s about it.