Reading site stats

I can’t make heads or tails out of our site’s STATS reports. All I want to know is how many unique visitors our site is getting each day. Where is that information?

You’ll have to find a way to discern that yourself, using whatever metrics you choose for determining “uniqueness”, from your own logs. The DH stats do not pretend to do that for you.

There was previous discussion of this subject in this forum thread from earlier in the day.

In short, your basic logs, and the DH stats extracted from them, do not provide this information; you need to determine what constitutes a “unique visitor” for your purposes, and derive that using other methods/software.


There are various other methods you can use instead of the stats provided.

You can install awstats instead

Third party services would include google analytics,, feedburner, performancing. Take your pick they only require a small piece of code added to your site.

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