Reading id3 tags

I’m trying to gather some info from id3 tags from mp3 files using PHP, but the two solutions I’ve found don’t seem to work. The first are the built in php functions, which aren’t enabled on the server (as far as I can gather. I get a,“Fatal error: Call to undefined function id3_get_tag()”). The second is to use the PEAR library located here, but the package is missing the file TIT1.php, and even without using the calls to that file, I can’t seem to figure out how to successfully read info from the tags. Is there an alternative method?

You could try compiling your own version of PHP with the ID3 Functions enabled. Bit of a bore though. How about suggesting it?

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I’ve had problems trying to install my own version of PHP kept getting errors along every step. I’ll suggest it as well, but in the meantime, I need something more viable.

The getid3 project available from sourceforge is absolutely mind-boggling, and does everything you could want on the standard DH server configuration. It consists of many tools including a very capable directory/file explorer, and is as simple to install as moving some files through ftp. Better yet, by simply doing a wget() and extract.

Check it out…

  1. Grabbed the install package
  2. Unzipped it into my webroot
  3. Modified the virtual host entry in my Apache config file
  4. Created a local mapping in my HOSTS file
  5. Restarted Apache2
  6. Set the directory path in demo_browse.php
  7. Clicked refresh on my browser and it worked perfectly.

This took a whopping 5-10 minutes, including time to figure out what needed to be done. Steps 3,4 and 5 are eliminated from the DH process though, so it only took about 5-7 minutes to get it working. This thing is absolutely AMAZING! I’d show you my example install, but… like… this is for mp3s or whatever.

Download Install:
Developer Site:
Working Demo:

Thanks! This is exactly what I needed, and it works out of the zip.