Read the FTP "support"—still can't upload

I’m admittedly not super technical but somewhat understand the process of uploading websites. (I’ve built a few and uploaded from Dreamweaver to my other “host”) I’m attempting to help my friend change an image on his homepage. I have ready multiple posts about the FTP process through DreamHost and I’ve downloaded FileZilla to help with this as well. I can get into his Dreamhost account through FTP when I see these folders:

Maildir — Directory
logs — Directory

And these files:

If I double click “Maildir” I see these:

cur — Directory
new — Directory
tmp — Directory

When I click any of those it reads “Empty directory listing.” I’m really confused at this point. I was expecting to see directories for Images or HTML or something instead of this. Can someone explain what I’m seeing and how do I get to where I can upload a new image?

Initial thought is that you are using the wrong ftp user for the domain.

If you or you friend visit “manage domains” in the panel. Find the domain in question and use the “user” that is listed in the “web hosting” column. It looks like you are logging into an unused “user”

You should see a directory when you log in named for the domain name, if you don’t have it it’s probably because you are using the wrong user.

^ Looks like this to me, too. You’ll need your friend’s FTP login details for the domain user. If security is a concern (and of course it should be) he can change his FTP user password while you help then change it back again after you’re done. He can find the place to alter it at the location LakeRat has outlined above.