Read_exif_data() not working

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Anybody get read_exif_data() working on any of their shared plans?

Whenever I try it, I get:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function exif_read_data()

Any workaround or anything?

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Might want to contact support; they may need to re-configure PHP on your machine.

According to phpinfo() my machine is running PHP Version 4.3.10 and EXIF is enabled. I’ve confirmed it works too.

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I already contacted support. They said the programmers would look into it in PHP5.

What command did you use to verify it was working? I disabled PHP5, then ran my phpinfo() and under the configure string it DOES say “–with-exif”, yet, I still get the same error when I try to execute exif_read_data()…

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Confirmed by using the example at in the documentation for that function.

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