Reactivate http service?

I had a subdomain go down with the recent string of http conf errors. I decided to deactivate the http service then reactivate it to bring the subdomain back up. However, I cannot find how to do this.

All the files are still there, I can FTP into the directory, I just can’t get them to be web-viewable.

Does anyone know how to solve this, I’ve hunted the knowledge base and it’s provided my no help…

I can’t remake the subdomain, it says it already exists… and I already have the files, so even if I could delete it and remake it, that would also be a viable option.

Thank you for any help!

In the web panel, there should be a deactivate link next to all your domains.

  • wil

Yes, I saw that. Used it and the subdomain is now deactivated. What I’m asking is how can I REactivate it?

Ah, sorry. I misread your OP.

You need to go back to the Web Panel, this time to the following page:

Scroll down to the domain you need edited and click on the ‘Add new service to xxx’. You’ll then see a list of services you can add. Make sure you add the web (http) service and the DNS service and your site should be back up and working in a few days, if DNS had been disabled. Few hours otherwise.

Hope this helps.

  • wil

And if the domain is not in that list?

The domain, is not there, but I also cannot create it, because it tells me it is already there…

What do I do?