Re-using database name?

This is my first post on this forum, so I’d like to say hello first!

I’m actually learning to use Drupal/MySql/PHP/etc, and so I set up a subdomain for testing purposes.

Now, I have deleted a broken database (from the webpanel), and wanted to create it from scratch again. I’d like to use the same database name again, but MySQL complains about that database already existing. I also get an error when trying to create it from the command line.

I guess, this is related to the new “MySQL Recycle” feature, that allows you to restore deleted databases during 5 days ( But oddly, I don’t get this option in my webpanel. (In Goodies > Manage MySQL).

So, I’m not sure if:

  • MySQL Recicle is broken for me,
  • It is impossible in Dreamhost to create a database with a name which was previously used.

I could just use another database name, but I’d like to understand what’s going on, first.

If you recently deleted the database, it may take a day or so before it completely clears out of the system.

And when all else fails, contact Support.

Since Recycle is new, I haven’t explored it. From the looks of it, it’s just taken effect and will only recycle a database from this point onward; not from a few days ago.


Thank you, Scott, for the answer. It’s good to know that this could be “solved” just by being a little bit more patient.

Since I deleted the database only a few hours ago, I think it’s difficult to know if the new feature was/is already enabled or not.

Its probably better to use phpmyadmin to drop the database contents rather than delete the database in the webpanel if you want to reuse the DB.

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Thanks, monkeyboy. Since I’m still very new to databases, I am already reading more to find out if dropping all tables is enough, or if other actions are needed for a complete “cleaning”.