RE: Step 4 of non-profit 501(c)(3) non-profit account setup


I am trying to finish step 4 of the instructions on the web page

This is for an account with the same email address as this forum account.

It wasn’t at all clear what I should choose in order to complete the process, so I’m posting this in an attempt to complete the process.

By now, the FAX should have arrived. Please tell me how to complete this process as quickly as possible. Or, better still, complete the process for me, and tell me what to do next.

Thanks very much!


It looks as though you’ve already submitted a support request, so that step is done. Now you just need to wait a bit — our account approvals department is out over the weekend, but they should be back in to handle your request tomorrow.



It wasn’t clear to me what to use as a support topic in the support request. The ones I thought might be appropriate were grayed out. But you found it, so perhaps I approximated sufficiently accurately.

Are you able to verify receipt of the FAX?

I shall await their return with bated breath! 8^)