Re-send Announcement subscribe link

I have several of my own board members that have misplaced their “invitation to subscribe” link for our very own announce list. How do I re-send them a valid link? This is NOT for re-pinging the general population. It is for my own folks who confused an earlier test send from another announce list with this one.

Thank you.

Should be able to login to the DreamHost Web Panel and “Edit” the announce list to get to the “Edit Subscriber List:” form. IIRC the system keeps a record though and might not send a confirmation for a couple of days.

I don’t understand. I am at the Edit Subscriber List. I can see all the names of people that successfully subscribed. Are you saying add the people in the box below (Emails to Add) and re-send?

If so, that is my issue. When you do that, you get a message that they already have an invitation pending. Doe sthat expire at some point and allow a re-send? If so, that works just fine.

I have the same issue… I’m testing out announcement lists and I either didn’t get the verification e-mail or I accidentally deleted it.

If I try to request again, it says code=3, that it sent the confirmation e-mail, but no new request e-mail goes out. If I use the control panel and try to add, it says that there is an add in progress. If I try to remove, it says the user is not on the list (correct).

Will this time-out so that I can re-try? How will I know when to retry?

On a related note, I don’t see an option to allow verification for unsubscribe. A malicious person could try to unsubscribe users, and they’d just be bumped off the list, with the subscriber not knowing they are off. Am I missing something?

Use the DreamHost API - API/Announcement list commands

When you fetch a list of subscribers, it will tell you if they confirmed or not. IIRC if they don’t confirm they eventually drop of the list altogether and that is when you can then submit the add_subscriber command again. It may be several days before they are removed from the list.

So far, I’ve only got this set up using the basic CGI script to subscribe/unsubscribe, along with using the control panel. Unfortunately, the control panel doesn’t show subscriptions in progress, nor does it gives a way to re-send the request or cancel it (so it can be re-submitted).

Does the API provide a way to cancel the request or force the re-generation of the request e-mail? That’s what I really need.

I’m really concerned, because I’m going to be turning this on and importing in 800+ subscribers from our existing mailing list that we had with another hosting company. Being a cynic, I know there will be several that loose/delete the e-mail and then will want to subscribe. It’s going to be kludgey telling them to just retry every couple of days - I know I’m going to get grief over that.

I understand and agree with the anti-spam policy, but so far I’m disappointed in the implementation of the “required” announcement list mechanism.