Re-registered expired domain, now 'can't find server'


In advance, thanks for the help. I have been trying to sort this out on my own for days now.

I allowed a domain name registration to lapse and was able to re-register it with Dreamhost (where it was registered by me in the first place) and now the site won’t show. I am getting a “Problem Loading Page/Can’t find the server” error.

When I first selected the hosting for the registered domain I was in the incorrect user, but after my initial problems getting the site to show decided to start over from scratch and changed the user to my regular user, which created a new directory in my FTP, to which I uploaded all the files again from my local backup.

The domain is “fully hosted” by the same user that I am using to FTP the site (I use a freeware program called CoreFTP.) The permissions on all the directories and files seem correct. I can not figure out what I’m doing wrong here.

I’ve been a happy Dreamhost customer since 2006 and have had very few problems- this problem and seeing the threads in this forum are making me a bit nervous, though.

Which domain is this for? I can try to check if anything got stuck on our end. You can also email us with your specific details if you don’t feel comfortable sharing them here: Thanks!

Hi Ellle,

The domain is


It looks like is still in redemption status:

When you said you re-registered it, did you get any confirmation? I don’t see it in your account at the moment that you re-registered it. This may require further digging, so you might need to submit a ticket with your specific details so our team can investigate:

It looks like the domain expired sept 25. Just posting to add the following warning… make absolutely certain you get the problem resolved during the 30 day redemption period. It only gets more expensive and harder when that is over.


Checked my emails, and I did not receive an email confirmation.

But the site let me register it and it shows on my list of domains. If there was a problem, why was I not alerted?

Check your spam email? Maybe the mail was mis-filed?