RE: Question: MyBB Performance Difference between Shared Hosting v.s. Dreamcompute (cloud VPS)

I would like to know what the performance benefit would be for hosting MyBB on a VPS (the very basic 1GB plan) or the Dreamcompute plan (let’s say a deployment of 3GB, Ubuntu or some such), because Shared Hosting, even Unlimited (formerly Happy Hosting in the pre-CEO days - late 00’s), it’s meh.

Can someone confirm this to me? Is it a question of dedicated MySQL server performance? RAM? CPU power (which I highly doubt).

I believe the managed VPS’s use the same shared MySQL servers as Shared-Unlimited, so if the issue is DB performance, you probably wouldn’t seem much improvement with that setup. However, I don’t know enough about MyBB to say where the bottle-neck are…

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