Re-Organize Invoice Email Format


I have been a Dreamhoster for the better part of a decade and for what seems almost as long, I’ve been writing unanswered emails to the Billing department about the formatting of the monthly billing statement emails.

Specifically your insistence on “putting the punchline before the joke”

Statement emails BEGIN with:
“amount due now: $0.00”
“current balance: $0.00”
It then transitions into:
“Your account is now current and completely paid up.”

Only when I scroll to the bottom of the email do I see what I was charged (the amount isn’t the issue).

I cannot think of another vendor that begins a statement with “you owe nothing” when it fact the most critical information you could provide me as a customer is something along the lines of:

“We charged your account $XXX.X on Aug 3th and you are now current and completely paid up”

That is profoundly more on-point, efficient and tells me what I was charged. Telling me that I owe nothing at the top of the message is a bit of a head-snap and pointlessly confusing and unintentionally misleading

I’m begging you. Start the email with the total debited. That is the most critical information.

Just re-order the code snippets in the email template…

I won’t even go into the fact that should I have a credit/positive balance that I don’t even get a statement email…as if me having a positive balance somehow negates the fact that I was charged for monthly services.


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