Re-Opened Account, Nothing Works


Perhaps I should be opening a ticket for this but I figure I might as well try the forums as well. I just re-opened my account after a month or so and paid it all up to a zero balance. All my files still exist on the server however my databases are all gone, or so they seem to be. A few of my databases were in the recycle bin, I “recovered” them and they still didn’t work. I decided to try out remaking a database that I had before and it said that exists.

So, I guess my question is… why aren’t any of my subdomains or anything working although everything seems to be in working order? It’s been about 7-8 hours since I repayed the account. Should I wait a little longer for everything to be in working order or do some things just NOT get restored for some reason?

Thanks in advance.


opening tickets are the best way to resolve problems with your account.

setup, coding, that sort of thing might get a faster response here.

I’ve never recovered a database before, but it might be that it takes a bit of time. how about plain html files? can you access them? if so, your hosting is working and there’s some issue with setup of whatever webapps you are using


I opened a ticket and got a fairly quick response. They told me that I didn’t add a hostname to the databases. I’m assuming it was probably or something like that but I’m not entirely sure. I’ll have to check my config files to see if I can pull the hostname because I thought it would have just been a localhost sort of thing. Oh well, I’ll try a few things and report back. Thanks for the response. :slight_smile:

Edit: Yeah, I just needed to add “mysql” as a hostname to get them all working again in case anyone ever has this issue. Thanks again.