Re-map subdirectories with PHP 5 app?

I’m trying to figure out how best to let multiple users develop parts of our website. I figured out how to use Re-map Subdirectory in the Panel to give different FTP users access to different parts of the site. It worked fine with a directory where there were just HTML and image files.

However, I want one FTP user to be able to use a LAMP system called Omeka, which requires PHP 5. I created the MySQL database & successfully installed Omeka in a couple different places in my home directory. I copied one of those installs to her home directory in a directory called “omeka,” then remapped a subdirectory in our hosted site “” to that directory.

However, now the app doesn’t work; I just get 404 File Not Found errors. On the support wiki page for Remap Sub-dir, it says that “Software that requires PHP 5 cannot run in a remapped directory.” Is that still true? If so, bummer.

It appears that your only other option is to create Groups with access to directories within the site.