Re-locking domains after transfer to Dreamhost?

Good evening.

I just requested three domain registration transfers to Dreamhost from my old registrar. As part of the process, I entered the transfer authorization codes.

Now that the transfers are pending, can I re-lock the domains with my old registrar so that no one else can try to grab them?


You might not be able to do that (since you have already initiated the transfers), but even if you could, I would advise against it.

You should be fine once you have initiated the transfer, but you could “bork” things in the transfer process if you try to “re-lock” them (as you can’t really know exactly where in the transfer process you are at a given moment, and you don’t want to have the transfer fail at some point becuase of the (re)locked status :wink: ).


That could be really bad.

Wait until they get over here and then lock it.