Re-enabling domain disabled by Admin


Hithere people. Can someone help me in here? I had my primar domain disabled by DH Admin due to a problem (security???) that caused my main account to send some spam. DH told me that probably the cause was a old installation of WP or some script that had a leach. So I deleted all my old WP installations (leaving only the main one that is version 2.0 (updated not a month ago) and all my old databases. I’ve alsdo changed my ftp passwords…
DH said in the mail they sent me:
“Once you are reasonably certain that everything is secure and updated,
you may re-enable the domain.” but I think they forget to say how can I do it. I’ve already send them a mail asking that but I do admit that maybe they have to much to do right now and that should be the reason for the delay. The problem is that I keep on with my site down.
Can someone help me?

Pedro Rebelo
p.s. Sorry for the lousy english.


Common guys… Please… I have
domain.com_disabled_by_dreamhost for almost 24 hours and no reply from tech support…
What can I do???