Re-do website as WordPress

my website was developed by a developer and is broken (can’t upload videos).

I want to do a new one in WordPress and have a parent-child theme ready to go. Here’s the deal, I don’t want to have my website go down while I put the new one together.

Is there a way to upload wordpress and install/customize it before making it go live?

one option I have is to develop it in another domain and move it over to the domain I want, but is that easy to do? Or is there a non-live way to develop it and then switch over to the web address I prefer?

Thanks for your help.

Create is as a subdomain, like (I usually call it

Once it’s all up and running, you have two choices:

  1. Change so it’s no longer Fully Hosted, but is a Mirror of
  2. Use an FTP program and connect to your server and rename your directories: becomes ; becomes (this is my preferred method)

Either way, when you’re done, edit your WordPress general settings to reflect the new domain name instead of subdomain name.

Thank you, sdayman! I have a question. After I am done with, and ready to switch to, do I have to do anything with the database? Or does it remains transparent to the move?