Re-direct domains to subdomain

Not finding this in the wiki…but is the following possible to do, and if so, where can I find more on the subject?

If I have a registered domain name, can I automatically re-direct it to a sub-domain of another domain name?

Here’s a scenario-- Say I have a domain name called “” with a website set up here on DH. I then set up two subdomains “” and “”; each has their own website therein. I then register two additional domain names: “” and “”. Is it then possible to redirect “” to “” and “” to “”? And if so, would it be possible to set up the URL to reflect the original domain name “”/“” and not “”?

That works just fine with the Redirect option in Manage Domains. I have one that redirects to
It just bounces the visitor from the from the first domain to the full URL you specify.