Re-activated account, 24 hours on still nothing?

I reactivated and I’m all paid up after it being in the red for about 6 months, but it’s been 24 hours and I still can’t access anything. The payment was processed straight away and I can view all of my account/domains/users info, but nothing it actually showing up on those domains. and all subdomains are showing domain not found. This domain is fully hosted with dreamhost and is registered until 2009. is also showing an address not found error.

Could it be that all of my data was deleted? I can’t FTP to the site to check because my FTP program can’t find the domain.

Status: Resolving IP-Address for
Error: Invalid hostname or host not found
Error: Critical error
Error: Could not connect to server

I tried using to access it, and the root directory seems fine but all of my subdomain directories are empty, do I need to restore my data? Can I restore my data?

Didn’t think they’d delete it that quickly, couldn’t have been more than a few MB of stuff in there anyway. Last time this happened and I was over-due everything just came back the way it was so I’m not sure what to do now.

If you check your account status, does it show “appending”?

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No, nothing like that, my account status seems fine, shows what plan I’m on and some other data, no notices or anything.

Although, looking at disk usage it seems as if all of my data as gone walkabout: 4.00 KB 4.00 KB 4.00 KB 4.00 KB 4.00 KB

:frowning: and both are “up” for me (in fact all those you mentioned are), but all showing just an index of an empty directory.

Sounds like just normal DNS updating to me.

Make sure your uploaded data is inside the “domainname.tld” directories, not just in the directory you log into via FTP (which is your “user” directory).

I doubt very seriously if any data you HAD there is still around 6 months later. I mean, for all practical intents and purposes, there would be no reason to keep it after 6 months “in the red”.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Yeah, they’re working like that for me now too. Still no data, oh well, I’d let those sites degenerate into spam hell anyway, old Movable Type blogs from back in 2003/4 that the spambots had take over years ago, was just going to nuke em anyway, at least it all seem to be working again now.