RCS in Debian Lenny


Hi all,

It seems that my server (SUNS) was recently upgraded to Debian Lenny. Around the same time, my foswiki installation started throwing errors complaining about RCS:

Error: /usr/bin/rcs did not return a version number (or might not exist..) Foswiki will probably not work with this RCS setup. Either correct the setup, or switch to RcsLite. To enable RCSLite you need to change the setting of {StoreImpl} to 'RcsLite'.

This only affects changes to the wiki, not viewing, and by switching to RCSLite, which is based on Perl and a little slower, everything works. So there’s no major problem, but it would be nice to use Debian’s built-in RCS if possible. I checked my logs and the last change to the wiki was 02 June, and it seems Debian Lenny was installed ‘within the last week’ according to my account test results in panel.dreamhost.com and according to dreamhoststatus.com which indicates they are working on the homie cluster.

I haven’t really made any changes lately, but a few days ago I noticed my WordPress install stopped working which I traced down to my cgi-bin directory disappearing! I had installed php there in order to increase the upload limit (recommended on the dreamhost wiki) but the whole cgi-bin directory was gone. When I switched to using the default php, everything was back to normal. I’m not sure if those two incidents are related or not. Maybe just some hiccoughs in the transition?

So, just out of curiosity, is anyone else having problems using RCS or did I screw something up?


I seem to be experiencing the same issue on an old TWiki 3 (Cairo) installation. I have just been informed about the issue, and due to vacation haven’t had time to find a solution yet.

I will probably go for at temporary fix if the RCSLite solution works, but as this will probably kill my ActionTrackerPlugin, I will have to find a better solution later.

Any more information or tips would be very welcome.

Regards Jan


Looks like rcs was installed on our Etch image, but was removed for the Lenny one. I’ve added it back in, and it should show up on most servers in the next 24 hours.


You’re great! Thanks!