Rbenv for Ruby 1.9.3 on DreamHost?


since Rails 4.0 would only support Ruby 1.9.3 it would be nice to know if i can setup a different Ruby version with rbenv on dreamhost

someone already did this?
there are some known issues against this?

i know there is a tutorial for rvm - but because i have rbenv on my local machine i would like to have the same on DH?

Hello Dreamling!

We have some assistance with Ruby 1.8.7 here on our wiki: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Ruby
If you have any other questions or need some assistant with anything feel free to leave our support team a message :slight_smile:

yes - but 1.8.7 is 4 years old

now is 1.9.3 current Ruby version and Ruby 2.0 is near.

so i am a little afraid to try out rbenv on the shared host. if something goes wrong it destroys my current settings :frowning:

thats why i am asking upfront if someone tried out the rbenv on dreamhost

I managed to make rbenv and Ruby 1.9.3 work. You have to do a few things on your account to set it up, but once you do so it works fine‚Äďat least, it does for me. I wrote up exactly how I did it on my blog:


Hope this helps.

thanks for your reply here and on stackoverflow.

i will check it out the next days

it just created a link to your blogpost on the wiki. it would be very very nice if you put the full text on the DH wiki to help others http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Rbenv (or give the permission to copy your blogpost)