Razor Spam - Folders/Settings

I am psyched that there’s a SPAM filter implemented! I have had a radical increase in SPAM lately (somehow right around the time I transfered to dreamhost, hmmm) Anyway - my question is regarding the folders it’s filtering to.

Is it OK that I named my Razor folders different than the default that was there?

I renamed mine SPAM (for where it’s supposed to filter spam to) and in that folder “add-spammer” for ones I want to add to the list. And in my inbox I made a folder called “good-not-spam” for the stuff I might take out of their filtered SPAM (folder).

I ask this cuz nothings been put into my SPAM folder yet - and now I noticed that somehow a folder called “dh-blocked-nonspam” but I didn’t create that, nor is it in my filter designations.

Any advice is helpful. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure the names have to be the defaults (at least if you want them to work properly)

Btw, it’s “spam”, not “SPAM”.

thanks for the correction on the upper/lower case issue. I titled my folder all caps for my own visibility of it.

BUT I’m here to say maybe I spoke to sooN! I found 3 lovely pieces of spam in my designated “SPAM” folder. So maybe it just took 24 hours to kick in the spaminator.

:slight_smile: thx all!

p.s. because I’m afraid that my “add-spammer” folder won’t work since it’s in the folder “SPAM” - I went into the filter settings and put in the folder name as SPAM.add-spammer (similar to how it looks in webmail). Does anyone know if that WONT work? I have no idea if the panel filters recognize the same dot notation that squirrel mail does. hmmm…

I guess we’re all still finding stuff out about this razor filtering deal… lemme know if you think that for sure won’t work.


I’ve turned on Razor and it appears to be working as
advertised. However, I’m a bit confused about the concept
of “Folders”. When I use SquirrelMail I see that I have an
INBOX folder, with a few additional subfolders for Razor to
use. However, if I am constantly downloading my email
(POPping my email to my home email client), the concept of
"folders" no longer applies. Apparently I’m only POPping
what’s in my INBOX (but not what’s in any subfolder or any
other folder). Is there some way to POP what’s in the spam
folders as well?

This gets tricky because if I leave my POP daemon (fetchmail)
running, and my email is constantly being download as it is
received, and I get a spam, it’s too late to “move it” into the
INBOX.dh-unblocked-spam folder.

Does this mean that if I want to use Razor to its fullest
potential then I need to leave my mail on the server and
view it using SquirrelMail to move the spam around before
I POP it? (which is annoying and time consuming). Or is
there an easier way that I’m missing?

And, since I’m apparently only popping what’s left in my
INBOX, I have to go into SquirrelMail and check my
INBOX.dh-spam folder for false-positives all the time…



oy! you should be using IMAP instead… can you set that up? That’s most efficient… if you’re like “what the heck is IMAP?” - details are listed on their site here:

I highly recommend it. Lemme know if you have any questions.


Webmail works via IMAP. If you use webmail, I’d highly recommend using IMAP in your regular email client as well. Mixing POP3 and IMAP (or, in general, using POP3 when you’re checking your mail from different places) isn’t usually advisable.

Fetchmail and getmail can both do IMAP if I recall correctly.

woops, I wasn’t logged in for that last one. I replied with the " ~w " at the end

looks like Will is recommending the same :slight_smile:
~ willo

Re: Deleting Razor Spam

I just deleted all the spam thats been accumulating in my “SPAM” folder (so psyched to have this filter!!)

But - How long do I have to leave the spam that I’ve added (and accumulated) in my “Add-spammer” folder? Just long enough for it to ping my IMAP mail server again? Any set time that these emails have to stay in that folder in order to be recorded as spam?

~ w

p.s. For the record you CAN name the folders anything you want!! cuz mine is working great. wahoo! I created my folders in webmail first - and then changed the names of the folders here: