Razor Spam filtering for POP

I turned on the X-Razor spam header/filter for POP mail downloads many weeks ago and it worked quite well. Now, I’ve been using my mailbox occasionally at work via webmail to test email from outside our network (security work) and I surmise that this breaks the X-Razor setup even though the mailboxes website still shows that I’m (1) set for POP and (2) have the Razor filter enabled.

Any comments? I’ve not seen an X-Razor header in weeks and it did work at one time… :frowning: POP still works, of course.

(The mailbox in question is leesweet@propellernet.com)


Webmail always works via IMAP. Configuring Razor to work w/ POP3 / client-side filtering does nothing except add the extra header.

If you want it to work both in webmail and your normal mail client, use IMAP in your normal mail client.