Razor set-up question

I feel dumb asking this, but are those 3 spam folders supposed to be created automatically by the system or manually by me? After enabling Razor, I checked for hours to see if the folders had been created to no avail. (I use webmail exclusively.) Thanks for your help.

Did you login to webmail and click on the Folders link at the top, then at the bottom it should show 1) what folders you are subscribed to 2) what folders you are not subscribed too

Select the folders that you are not subscribed too and then hit “Subscribe” button.

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Thanks for your answer! Last night I went ahead and created the 3 folders myself as subfolders within the INBOX. Created, as in typed in the names of each folder in the Create Folder area. After that, they showed in the subscribe/unscribe list as already subscribed, so there was nothing more to be done there. So was that the right thing to do? I mean, if the SYSTEM is supposed to have created them rather than me, then there might be a problem with permissions or owners or folder location. Hopefully, I spelled the names right at least.

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