Razor not working?

I find that in the past weeks, I have received really large volumes of spam, even though my mailbox is filtered with Razor (I set that up through the Filtering & Spam tab in the Panel).

Does Razor not work anymore, or does it let through way too many spams, or is something else wrong?

If Razor works well for you all, then I’ll submit a support request to Dreamhost. Comments?


There was a configuration problem with Razor that caused problems for some customers, though it should be fixed now. Has anything showed up in your dh-blocked folder (or whatever it’s called) recently?

My personal opinion is that Razor is not terribly effective, although it has the advantage of being fairly lightweight and doesn’t consume a lot of memory / CPU.

Yes, admittedly some spam does arrive in my “dh-spam” folder. But at least as much still remains in my inbox.

This is sad, because before a few weeks ago, I was very very very happy with Razor, it seemed to work tremendously well. It cut about 90-95% of all my received spam, which is rather effective in my view. 50% is close to meaningless, so I sincerely hope that Razor can get up to its earlier level again. Is there any chance of that, or should I look for alternative solutions?


Well either way, if some spam is getting blocked then it’s pretty clear that Razor is basically “working” (you can check the razor logs in ~/.razor/ for more information). As to whether Razor is an effective spam filter, I don’t have enough experience with it to comment one way or another. Personally, I’m not a fan… and the 90%ish numbers sound to high to me.

But realistically, 50% isn’t too bad (especially considering that our UBE blocks are probably blocking a good chunk of spam as well) – and given the amount of spam that most people receive, 50% is a big improvement.

My problem with Razor is more the opposite - namely that people seem to report all sorts of non-spam things as spam. This is the reason that I’ve had Razor scored way down in my SpamAssassin checks for a long time, and one of the reasons I wouldn’t use it to block spam.

Personally, I vote for an adaptive filter like bogofilter, or else a recent version of SpamAssassin. SpamAssassin 2.60 is doing a really good job for me. I’m requiring 6.0 hits to be spam and 8 hits to get dumped in my spam filter – and I’m getting virtually no false positives and only about 1 spam every 2 days in my inbox.