Razor integration /w Spamassasin?

So, I may be pedantic in asking, but has anybody bothered integrating razor on dreamhost with spamassasin?

I have spamassasin working, but it appears I would have to install razor myself. (I just wanted it to add weight to the ruleset).

Anybody bothered? Thanks,

Razor should work… there have been some discussions on the forum about this (forget the exact outcome). razor-client is installed on the mail machines, and anything else needed for the razor2 checks should be as well - so even if it’s not on the user machines, it should work.

That said, I wouldn’t spend too much time messing with it.

Ok. Thanks for the response. (P.S. Don’t you guys sleep?)


[quote]Ok. Thanks for the response. (P.S. Don’t you guys


Largely depends on our caffeine intake.

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