Razor acting up?

Is anyone else having issues with Razor no longer filtering any mail? I noticed that nothing was getting put in my Spam folder. So, after making sure I didn’t have a .procmailrc file causing problems, I decided to check my razor-agent.log file. I’m getting the following error, which would explain why Razor isn’t doing anything.

Nov 07 07:43:05.607257 check[22754]: [ 1] [bootup] Logging initiated LogDebugLevel=3 to file:/home/dnowell/.razor/razor-agent.log
Nov 07 07:43:05.608819 check[22754]: [ 2] Razor-Agents v2.22 starting razor-check
Nov 07 07:43:25.673955 check[22754]: [ 3] Unable to connect to; Reason: Operation now in progress.
Nov 07 07:43:25.681112 check[22754]: [ 1] razor-check error: nextserver: Could not get valid info from Discovery Servers

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Somehow, the server didn’t get updated for all users. I believe a global fix is being worked on, but in the meantime, if you change the IP to in ~/.razor/servers.discovery.lst, it should fix the problem.

Thanks. That fixed the error in the razor log. Now I just have to wait for some spam to come in and see if it gets caught.