Raw FTP commands to change directory block permissions

I set up an anonymous FTP on my site (yes, I have a unique IP).

On the wiki (http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Anonymous_FTP) it says to change permissions of the directory blocks to

/(root): Retr List Cd


/incoming: List Cd Stor

My regular FTP client only allows me to change read/write/execute permissions, so I logged in via Terminal (OS X), and Cd to the root folder where I can LS to see the anonymous ftp folder.

Now, I’m at a loss as to what to do next.

What commands do I use to change the permissions?

Obviously, I’m a Jedi Master of Raw FTP so any help will need to be extremely basic.

Thanks for all assistance.

Those permissions don’t get set in the client, they get set in the anon FTP configuration, accessed from the control panel:

“You can view/modify the configuration by clicking on the “Edit” link for that particular anonymous FTP service”

Thank you, coolgeek. I thought I’d looked there, but obviously I’d not.